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A Business Game is a powerful educational tool through which participants learn through experience, managing a virtual business in an interactive, risk-free and particularly realistic environment. Business simulations help to practice and improve managerial skills, such as market understanding, strategic decision making, financial analysis, problem solving, teamwork, communication, leadership ….
Also, Parioca's simulations includes environmental, social, and governance decisions as part of the core business strategy.
The best modern pedagogy for learners, that puts theory into practice !



The key roles of the professor is to give the game a rhythm that brings players to immerse themselves in the context. Multi-skilled, its mission includes specific tasks like :

- Runing the software to define the starting scenario, integrate team’s decisions and return the results ;
- Assuming many different roles as the authorities, bank manager, economic adviser…
- Helping players to understand the data, summarize lessons from situations experienced, etc.


The software

It simulates the competitive environment and compare the decisions of the different teams in order to generate quantified results :

- quantification of the market (sales, market shares);
- results of each team (economic, financial, marketing, production, human ressources, etc.);
- information on market developments, consumer expectations, competitor behavior and decisions, etc.


The player

They practice skills ranging from market and financial analysis, to decision making and improved teamwork :

- quantification of the market (sales, market shares);
- results of each team (economic, financial, marketing, production, human ressources, etc.);
- information on market developments, consumer expectations, competitor behavior and decisions, etc.

Business Games

PCG provides the latest generation of Business Games, delivering a range of 3 versions built on the same powerful, stable and highly scalable online platform.
Each software provides a large amount of economics scenarios available for all kind of student’s profiles.
All results can be presented in different languages and accounting systems.

A specific industry or special product type? Get in touch to co-develop the simulation of your dreams!​


Academic Version

It's very easy to teach with Manager4Tomorrow! You just need to Log in, and start the simulation in one click!

  • The turnkey solution offers multiple business game scenarios ;
  • Its extensive functionality are adaptive and reliable
  • It aims to be easy-to-use for you to successfully run a business simulation !

Premium Version

Its extensive functionality and excellent customisability have allowed us to create a system which exactly matches your requirements focused on results.

  • Upgradeable : All parameters are adjustable by the administrator at any moment of the game
  • Customizable : All the vocabulary and economic scenarios are easily personalized
  • Scalable : No teams limits, no players limits, no seize limit…

NGO Oriented

Analytics control ...

  • Open Access
  • Easy to integrate...
  • Specific case studies dealing with the micro business and developpement

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Target the right customers for your business with the help of Parioca's patented segmentation technology and deploy efficient marketing campaigns. Keep your customers happy and loyal.

  • Understand customers and meet their requirements
  • Targeted client base with Parioca's efficient technology
What better way to show off Parioca marketing automation saas app than presenting you some great situations of each module and tool available to users in a video

Meet the Parioca's Team

CEO & Founder
  • PhD in Finances
  • IT Developer
  • Solid academic research and extensive practical experience
  • Combines theory and practice
  • International background
Co Founder
  • Professor of Accounting, Economics and Finance
  • Extensive academic experience
  • Business Game Expert
  • Specialist in International Trade and Finance
  • Author of books on Management
Startups Expert
  • CEO Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Center
  • PhD in physics and microfluidic
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Startups and SMEs Expert
  • Creative and Enthusiastic

They trust us!

I started to use Parioca with the free trial about a year ago and never stopped since then. It does all the repeating marketing tasks and allows me to focus on core development activities like new product research and design. I love it and recommend it to everyone.
Jude Thorn - Online Marketer
Awesome features for the money. I never thought such a low ammount of money would bring me so many leads per month. Before Parioca I used the services of an agency which cost 10x more and delivered far less. Highly recommended to marketers focused on results.
Roy Smith - Developer
Parioca is the best marketing automation app for small and medium sized business. It understands the mindset of young entrepreneurs and provides the necessary data for wise marketing decisions. Just give it a try and you will definitely not regret spending your time.
Marsha Singer - Online Marketer
Parioca is one of the greatest marketing automation apps out there. I especially love the Reporting Tools module because it gives me such a great amount of information based on little amounts of input gathered in just few weeks of light weight usage. Recommended!
Ronda Louis - Online Marketer

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